Connected Experience

Hybrio is your one stop hub for product, service, interaction and experience design. We develop hybrid products for a connected world.

fosfor design

Hybrio Design is a loosely coupled, tightly coordinated group of five Belgian design & engineering agencies. We work with each other on a preferential, non-exclusive basis. Taken together, we employ more than 100 designers and engineers.

  • Appiness

    Get inspired by what you see in your favourite movie or tv series

  • DoucheFLUX

    Services that give self-esteem to the homeless

  • Novosanis

    A device for first-void urine collection

Clients come to us for an interdisciplinary, results-oriented approach, to cover all bases in their complex design assignments: design management, brand experience, product, interaction, service and systems design, as well as software engineering, engineering design, hardware prototyping and production services. We call this "connected experience".

  • Zyzo

    Bringing elderly and families closer in a digital age

  • Stadhuis Antwerpen

    How to shape the reception of Antwerp's city hall into a place for all civilians?

  • Hatweo

    A digital measuring cup for professionals

Given all of this, we are eminently positioned to tackle complex, hybrid design problems and 21st century IoT challenges.

  • FedNot

    Improving the customer service of notary offices

  • Stad Gent en Stad Kortijk

    Even cab lights deserve their own identity

  • SPAR

    A warm and welcoming retail customer experience at Spar

We are easy to do business with, talk straight and are open to partnerships.
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  • Agfa Healthcare

    Digitising analog radiography

  • IxorTalk Box

    Internet of Things module connecting one smart device to another

  • Doccle

    Receive, pay and archive all your documents in one place